Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Exam Room 2 - Caucasian Female, Anxiety, Homicidal Tendencies

In the middle of nowhere, a phone rings. Pounding footsteps thud through the little house. Two bloodied hands snatch the phone off the receiver.

Sam: Hello?

Jordyn: Sammy? Sammy? Is that you?

Sam: Oh, thank God you’re still alive. I tried calling, but the phone at the house wasn’t working, and then you weren’t answering, I thought-

Jordyn: Are you alright? Have you been bitten?

Sam: I’m fine. Little beat up, but I’ll live. What about you?

Jordyn: Somehow I’m still alive. If dad didn’t have an early shift this morning, I’m not sure we would still be here. We got the house boarded up just in time before the city went to hell. Sam, you should see it, the corpses are crawling everywhere. I think our entire neighborhood’s dead.

Sam: It’s not so pretty on our end either. You’d think being in the middle of nowhere during the zombie apocalypse, we’d be safer, have less dead things trying to bite our faces off. For some reason, we’ve got hordes piling through the woods.

Jordyn: Has anyone we know turned?

Sam: Mrs. Powell.

Jordyn: Oh.

Sam: She nearly killed our entire group.

Jordyn: I’m so sorry.

Sam: Tommy took her out in time.

Jordyn: Is everyone safe now?

Sam: Define safe. We’re cut off from the main road and most of the houses. With the hordes coming through the woods, nowhere is safe, except the Prichard’s house up on the hill. Everyone has scattered to find supplies, then we are going to hold up there. Jordyn, I don’t think we are going to make it. There isn’t nearly enough supplies or ammo to go around.

Jordyn: Can’t you make a run into town?

Sam: We are flooded with zombies, there’s no way we’d even make it to the highway with the amount of weapons we have.

Jordyn: Can you hold out for a month?

Sam: Just barely. Why?

Jordyn: My dad’s got a plan to get us out of the city. He figures we can make our way across the states to Tennessee within a couple of weeks. We’ll bring food and weapons. He even has plans to build a wall. So, spread the word, because we’re coming back.

Sam: Really?

Jordyn: Mind you, we’ll be bringing some people along with us. Gotta rescue some of our friends before we get out of the Valley.

Sam: Well, the more, the merrier.

Jordyn: That’s what I’ve been told.

Sam: Jonny and Charlie just pulled up. Looks like they’re here to take me off to the Big House. Don’t suppose the phone works up there, so I guess this is goodbye for now.

Jordyn: Just do me a favor, Sammy, don’t die before I get there, alright? I don’t wanna bury any more friends. And I really don’t want to go through the end of the world without you. You hear me? No dying.

Sam: Same goes for you. We’ve got a pact, remember? Living till we’re one hundred and three. Still gotta long ways to go yet.

Jordyn: Don’t suppose living as an undead for a hundred and three years fulfills that promise?

Sam: Not. Funny.

Jordyn: Alright, alright, eighty-ish years left to go.

Sam: My ride’s honking at me, I gotta go. Love you, cuz.

Jordyn: Love you too. Be good and don’t do anything stupid until I get there.

Sam: Ditto.

Jordyn: I’m always good! I’ll see you-

The line died.

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